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Engineering Journal: February 2017

Inter-slice contour interpolation from 2D cross-sectional medical images via piecewise trend curve analysisAbstract--The 3D surface reconstruction from 2D cross-sections is a significant task, especially in the medical diagnosis. Therefore interpolation methods are necessary but difficult due to the 3D anisotropy between an intra-slice and inter-slice resolution. However, most of the existing literatures are inefficient to ensure the accuracy and robustness of results because of the noises or segmentation errors on the contour of slices. Moreover, the varying trend of the contour curves along the interpolation direction (z-axis), which is a very important factor in object surface description, is not well referred due to the difficulty on its representation in existing methods. In this work, we study an inter-slice interpolation method with a piecewise trend curve analysis to achieve the missing slices employing the underlying piecewise trend curve estimation of slices. The efficiency …