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Engineering Journal : IJOER: October Issue 2016

On the Kinetics of Palm Oil CrystallisationAbstract In this work the crystallisation of palm oil (a typical melt) is used as a model process and kinetic parameters at different end temperatures and cooling rates were evaluated using three model approaches: two from the traditional melt fractionation, one from the classic solution crystallisation. The objective was to establish critical understanding on the various model approaches and their applications. Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) was used to obtain the melting temperatures, isothermal induction times and enthalpy of the crystallisation for the Fisher-Turnbull and Avrami model evaluations, while turbidity and temperature probes were utilized to generate metastable zone width as a function of cooling rates for the classical Nyvlt model analysis. Our results show that the Fisher-Turnbull and the Nyvlt models are useful in estimating the nucleation rate constants (kn) with reasonable agreement: this unites the model approac…