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Engineering Journal : September 2016

The Effects of Individualized Physical Rehabilitation ProgramAbstractObjective: to evaluate the effects of long-term aerobic training, designed with individualized method based on lactate threshold definition, on exercise capacity, HF severity and ergoreflex activity.Methods: We evaluated 73 HF patients, mean age 53+/-1.8, 59 men, with NYHA class III, LVEF 40,8+/-0,3%. CPET performed on a treadmill ("Oxycon Pro" (Jaeger, Germany)) at baseline, in every 8 weeks and after 6 months. The cubital venous catheter was inserted before CPET. Blood samples were taken at baseline and at 1-minute intervals during test. Lactate concentration in blood was measured using analyzer i-STAT, cartridge CG4 (Abbot, USA). All patients were randomized into following groups: 50 patients of study group (SG), who underwent physical rehabilitation program (PRP), calculated due to lactate threshold; and 23 HF patients control group (CG), who underwent physical training, calculated based on VO2 percent…