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IJOER Engineering Journal Volume-2, Issue-8, August 2016

Influence of the Cryogenic Treatment in Micro Structure, hardness and Micro hardness of the Brass 60-40 and Bronze SAE 64Abstract At the end of the 60’s with the beginning of the space missions it was observed, that once the airships were sent into space and when they entered at the atmosphere, they presented an increase at the wear resistance on the structure of the space shuttles. It was concluded that the low temperature would have influenced in such changes. Over the year’s liquid nitrogen, gaseous nitrogen, helium and dry ice were used on metals and tool that were submitted to high wear and fatigue periods in order to increase the useful life of the material, this procedure was called cryogenic treatment. Once it was identified that low temperatures generated improvements to certain materials as steels, aluminum and some a ceramic materials and the problem emerged to establish the effect of this phenomena in materials as brass and bronze, so it was take the decision to determine…