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Engineering Journal: June 2016

The Fortification's Feasibility of the Butter by the Polyphenols Present in the Olive WasteAbstract In spite of their polluting nature, the olive mill wastewater is considered as a very rich source on natural antioxidants specially polyphenols.In this study, the polyphenols were extracted from the olive pomace and the olive mill wastewater in order to promote them as a natural antioxidants and to compare its with a synthetic antioxidant β-carotene. Those polyphenolswill be added to the butter. To quickly assess the effect of polyphenols on the stability of the butter, we conducted an accelerated oxidation. Then the butter was placed under storage conditions in an oven (accelerated test at 60 °C) for 28 days. The evolution of the oxidation state was measured by the peroxide value and acidity. The results showed that the butter containing antioxidants have undergone oxidative damage less pronounced than that of the reference (no additives).Keywordspredicting, survey & Research…